King Edward's School Home

An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

Uniform and sports clothing

In order to ensure uniformity throughout the school, certain items of clothing and sports kit are only available from our suppliers. Our uniform and sports kit is supplied by Early Years in Solihull and A. Oakes in Oldbury.

These items are compulsory and only available from our suppliers Early Years in Solihull and A Oakes in Oldbury:

- Blazer (with KES badge)
- KES tie
- PE shirt
- PE shorts
- Rugby shirt
- Rugby shorts
- Games socks
- Swimming trunks or swim jammers
- Warm drill top
- Warm tracksuit bottoms

- V-necked pullover (optional)

Additional items are also available:

- School cricket kit (boys will be told what items of cricket kit are required)
- Kit bags
- Base layers
- Beanie hats

Boys may not wear their own sports clothing in school.

Compulsory items available from any supplier

All the items below are essential, and many can be bought from our suppliers, but they can also be bought from other shops.

- Shirt: plain white.
- Trousers: black, school-style trousers.
- Shoes: black leather, not suede, not trainers, not boots.
- Socks: plain dark socks.
- Coat: any suitable coat.
- Rugby/football boots in the two winter terms
- A pair of white trainers and white sports socks for gym

The total cost of the uniform should be approximately £325.

Lab coats

The school will provide lab coats.

Naming of clothes

It is vital that all items of clothing should be clearly marked with the owner's name. 


Every new pupil will need a calculator.

We recommend either a Casio FX83GT+ (battery powered) or a Casio FX85GT+ (solar powered). Since every boy in the Shells will have such a calculator, it is vital that your son puts his name on it clearly and indelibly.


Your son will need a padlock with two keys so that he can lock his locker. At the beginning of term he should put a spare key in an envelope with his name on it and give it to his Form Tutor so that we don't have to resort to bolt-cutters.