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An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

School trips long-term

Each year the school offers approximately 150 school trips, ranging from a theatre visit in Birmingham to three weeks in a jungle. Each trip is aimed at specific age groups within the school. Many of our trips operate every year - please note that this list grows during the year and so is not fully complete as yet.

In the academic year 2014-15 we operated 159 trips, of which 35% were free and a further 38% cost less than £100. There were two trips costing more than £1000. 

To help with planning, a list follows of the major school trips planned for 2016-2018. We do plan to continue with our full programme of UK-based trips in addition to these more expensive trips abroad. This list may change: the cost of trips is not fixed until the letter is sent out, and it is possible that a few trips will be added to, or removed from, the list. Nevertheless, we hope that this list will help parents in making decisions about trips in which they would like their son to take part.

The year groups refer to the year your son would be in when the trip takes place:
s - Shells      r - Removes     u - Upper Middles     4 - Fourth form      5 - Fifth form    d - Divisions      6 - Sixth form

Date Destination Year groups  Purpose Teacher i/c  Approx. cost 
Oct 16 France/Belgium ru WW1 Battlefields MPB 400
Oct 16 Cuba 45d6 Language, culture DMW 1700
Feb 17 Lapland sru Winter sports CDB 1600
Feb 17 Europe ru45d Skiing IJC 1200 

April 17 Italy d Exchange RDA
May/June 17  Poland  all  Wildlife  JP  960 
May/June 17  Berlin  d History  EJM   
July 17 Gozo  45d6 Diving DHR 700 
July 17 Italy all Classics LWE 1000
July 17  India 5d Rugby and hockey CAPJ   
July 17  Low Countries sru45 Cycling  CDB  850 
Aug 17 Germany d Work experience AXH
Aug 17 Yorks Dales 45d6 Cycling KDP 450 
Aug 17  CERN  Physics  DLT  850 
Feb 18 Europe/USA? ru45d Skiing IJC 1800
April 18  Dubai  u4  Cricket tour  LMR  1600 
July 18 France 45d6  Cycling KDP 1500 
July 18 Ardèche sr Watersports CDB 900
Aug 18 Germany sru45 Cycling CDB 850 
Aug 18 Vercors all Caving CDB 1350
Oct 18 USA or Russia all Culture DMW 1500