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An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

Shell Form Camps

After the summer exams each Shell (year 7) form goes to a campsite in Cannock Chase during three school days. The trip is action packed with abseiling, a scary Jacob's Ladder and a zip line, pedal carts, orienteering, rafting and coracle boating.

More importantly, Shells Camps are all about fun and friendship and learning to get on with people. The activities teach boys how to work effectively in groups as well as giving them a chance to gain confidence and stretch their horizons a little.

Boys stay in small groups in tents and part of the challenge is for them to cook their evening meals on camping stoves.

Everyone returns home from Shell Camps exhausted, exhilarated, grubby and with memories which last a long time. The Camps are the culmination of a child's first year at King Edward's, though for many boys they are not their first trip with the school—many will have gone hill walking, climbing or caving earlier in the year, and many more will be looking forward to a cycle tour with the school in the summer holiday.

Videos of the 2012 Shell Camps

Click here for the first half of the week (Shell B,M,P)
Click here for the second half of the week (Shell C,J)