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An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18


The Science Department is very large, comprising 16 teachers, seven laboratory technicians and 13 laboratories together with teaching rooms and preparation rooms. Over the years the department has been very successful both in terms of examination results as well as awards gained in Science Olympiads.

In Year 7 a Co-ordinated Science course is taught with the aims of introducing our students to basic scientific techniques, safe practices and producing good notes and experimental write-ups. From then on the three sciences are taught separately by subject specialists. In Year 10 all pupils choose either two or all three of the separate sciences to study for the Edexcel International GCSE. The three subjects in science have been teaching IGCSE since 2006 and the departments believe that it is a much better preparation for further study than GCSEs.

Having undertaken IB all Sixth Formers now take either a science subject or D&T or Sports, Exercise and Health Science at Standard or Higher Level or if they wish a combination of two science subjects. This allows them to gain places at some of the best universities to continue their studies in both science (eg Chemistry, Medicine, Engineering) and non-science subjects (eg Law, Economics).

In September 2013 a massive redevelopment of the Science Department was completed leading to a host of new labs and teaching space.