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An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

Community service

The Personal Service Group was established in the early 1970s after a request from what is now St. Mary's Church Day Centre in Balsall Heath for assistance with their elderly people. At that time, their club was thriving, and a whole group of pupils would go by minibus on a Friday afternoon to talk and play games with the pensioners. Our relationship with St. Mary's has continued unbroken over the years, but now, with depopulation of the area, only half a dozen or so old people attend on Fridays, and only one pupil is needed.

From these beginnings, P.S.G. expanded rapidly in its early years, continuing to offer a beneficial and character building activity on Friday afternoons for boys in the Fourth form and above. Primary and nursery school placements are the commonest and most popular, but there is also the challenge of a local authority special school and even one tending animals at Cannon Hill Nature Centre. A recent initiative, built on a longstanding relationship with Chandos Primary School, has been the provision of a Primary Science course. Their pupils visit King Edward's School on a Friday afternoon for an hour of practical work, led by King Edward's boys under the supervision of a teacher. This has now led to provision of athletics sessions during the summer term, again with boys taking a lead in supervising.

Although the number of boys involved is relatively small, the benefits to them and to the local community are very evident and we are confident that P.S.G. will continue to flourish.