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An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

Personal and social education

Personal and Social Education at King Edward's School is designed to help boys' personal and social development in line with the School's objectives. It aims to identify issues and problems that individuals and society in general might face and, through a structured programme, aims to enable boys to make considered choices when faced with problems and dilemmas, thus developing their self-confidence and enabling them to grow into responsible adults.

The developing programme of PSE covers a wide variety of topics from such practical help as to how to settle into school to issues of deep principle such as attitudes to human rights. Sex and Relationships Education, Drugs Education, Health Education and education against bullying are integral parts of the programme.

In the first three years, PSE is delivered in Form Meetings and as part of the Friday Afternoon Programme. Thereafter, there are timetabled PSE lessons for the Fourth (Year 10) and Fifth (Year 11) Years.

As a general principle, the more sensitive issues of PSE are covered in the timetabled lessons by staff who are confident in dealing with such matters. The topics covered by Form Tutors are normally more practical, for example, time management and study skills. There is an annual PSE training morning for all staff who take part in PSE or who wish to do so.