King Edward's School Home

An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

Parents' Meetings

Parents' meetings 2015-16

Dates of parents' meetings are as follows. We operate an appointments system and boys will be given an appointments sheet in advance.


Mon 5 Oct

Sixth Form Parents' meeting (4:30)

Tue 10 Nov 

Fourth Form Parents' meeting (4:30) (plus a further evening in June 2016)

Tue 17 Nov 

Removes Parents' meeting (4:20)


Wed 20 Jan 

Shell Parents' meeting

Tue 2 Feb

Fifth Form Parents' meeting

Tue 1 Mar Upper Middles Parents' meeting
Thu 10 Mar Divisions Parents' meeting

From the Upper Middles and above, boys are expected to attend parents' evenings, dressed in their school uniform. Boys in the Shells and Upper Middles do not attend parents' meetings.

Full written reports in 2015-2016 will be prepared as follows:

December February April July
Shells Removes Fourths Shells
Upper Middles   Fifths Upper Middles
Fifths   Sixths Divisions

Summary Reports will be written for the Divisions in December, and for the Removes at the end of the Summer Term.

Half Term Assessments will be sent to parents of all boys at the Autumn Half Term and to Shells, Upper Middles, Fourths and Divisions at the Spring Half Term.