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Royal Navy section

The 'real' Royal Navy has four operational arms: the surface fleet, the sub-surface fleet (submarines), a land-based attack force (the Royal Marines) and an air assault team (the Fleet Air Arm).

At King Edward's School, the Royal Naval Section of the Combined Cadet Force tries to reflect all four of these areas of interest, giving it a great range of activities. Our 'surface' activities include kayaking, power boating and sailing. While we have no access to submarines, a scuba diving programme is in place with training and trips organised by School staff as well as the central Royal Navy annual 'dive-ex'.

Our spring term is devoted to military training such as weapons handling and firing, camouflage and concealment, and unarmed combat. This is all combined with the ongoing outdoor activities programme of climbing, orienteering and marine navigation. For flying tuition, boys are taken to RNAS Yeovilton at regular intervals. As well as training within School and expeditions weekends twice a year (one of which offers adventurous training, the other is spent on board a moored Destroyer), cadets have the opportunity to attend Navy camps and courses over the summer which offer an impressive range of activities and are run by regular forces staff.

All of the above is the means by which boys learn leadership, communication, teamwork, strategic planning and, most importantly, to 'adapt, improvise and overcome'. They leave the section as mature, self-reliant and, above all, justifiably self-confident young men.