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Letters to parents

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Subject of letter Year groups affected Date published

IGCSE History RAF Cosford Trip March 2018

Fourths 07 Feb 2018

Winter Wildlife 11 Feb 2018

All 07 Feb 2018

Shrewsbury MUN March 2018

Fourths and above 07 Feb 2018

Fourths Leadership paintballing March 2018

Fourths 07 Feb 2018

Ski Trip 2019

Rems, UMs, Fourths, Fifths, Divisions 15 Jan 2018

Lapland trip, February 2019
See also this slide show and this video

Shells, Removes, Upper Middles 14 Jan 2018

KES Senior Wildlife Expedition 2018: Uganda

Fifths & Divs 11 Jan 2018

Guide to live streaming
See also this very useful list of risk factors

All 05 Dec 2017

KES Expeditions Award 2017-2018

UMs 29 Nov 2017

Caving weekend (Shells) 23-25 March
See also this page of photos from caving
Climbing weekend (Shells, Rems, UMs) 20-22 April

Lower school 24 Nov 2017

Advice regarding safe cycling to school

All 23 Nov 2017

School visits open to boys in the Shells
Hill walking trips - introduction with photos
Hill walking day trips - clothing list and timing

Shells 16 Sep 2017

Bikeability courses during the autumn half term
Consent form for bikeability course
Bike checklist

Shells and Rems 16 Sep 2017

Shells day trip to London, Autumn 2017

Shells 16 Sep 2017

Music opportunities for Shell boys

Shells 13 Sep 2017

Activities for lower school boys

Shells and Rems 13 Sep 2017

Pied Piper Cycle Tour, 28 Jul - 6 Aug 2018
Slide show of what the tour will be like
Video from last year's tour
Boys new to touring with KES are REQUIRED to attend a free 15 mile practice ride on 1 or 15 Oct
Information about the autumn practice rides
How to get to Shustoke (1 October 2017)
How to get to Highgate (15 October 2017)
Deposits for the tour, and free places on the pratice rides, may be booked at

All 11 Sep 2017

Local libraries - details of free electronic resources and how to join

All 21 Aug 2017

Positive Digital Footprint presentation to Fourths' Parents, June 2017

All 23 Jun 2017

Caving weekend, 22-24 Sept 2017
This trip is aimed at boys who will be in the Removes and above in September 2017

All 20 Jun 2017

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