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An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18


Friday Afternoons at King Edward's School Birmingham offer the opportunity to do something a little bit different. When they reach the Fourth form, boys have the opportunity to join KES Leadership: an organisation run by the students, for the students.

The most dangerous misconception of leadership is that certain humans are born great leaders - that there is an inherent quality to leadership. This myth implies that people either possess these certain characteristics or they don't. That's nonsense - in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born. At KES Leadership we feel it is important to create an environment in which potential leaders of the future can flourish and develop skills that students can take with them into later life. An option like KES Leadership gives already talented students an opportunity to develop appropriate skills for uses in a plethora of activities - from captaining a school sports team today to heading the department of a big shot company sometime in the future.

Boys take on a leadership course through the Fourths, Fifths, and Divisions to enhance the skills which are being constantly challenged in today's working world. In the Sixth Form, with all the skills covered at their disposal it is their role to now create fun afternoons for the younger boys with engaging themes but maintaining the core factor of teaching key leadership skills such as time management, delegation and motivation.

In recent years the option has moved away from solely classroom-based activities and we now run residential weekends for all year groups at various points in the year. The residential trip is often a highlight of the year for all of the boys, whether it be tackling a 30-foot-tall-one-foot-wide pole with three other Fifth formers, scrambling through woodland on a mass-scale orienteering course with fellow Fourths, or canoeing down a rapid-filled river whilst attempting to read a map, and beat the other team on foot; true Top Gear race-style in the Divisions.