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An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

How to apply for 11+ entry

The deadline to receive applications for 2018 entry has now passed. 

When applications are open, you can get an application form in one of three ways:

  • from the website 
  • by emailing the school at:
  • by calling Mrs Nicole Phillips, Director of Admissions, on tel: 0121 415 6056.

If you wish to apply for an Assisted Place (there are 30-35 Assisted Places available each year) and your gross household income is under about £72,000, then tick the box on the back of the application form. If your household income is under £20,000 your son might qualify for a free place, under £30,000 you might pay about £950 per year, under £40,000 you might pay about £2,200 per year.

Academic Scholarships do not need to be applied for: the boys who do best in the exam will be called for a Scholarship interview. There are about 15 academic scholarships each year with a maximum value of 50%. All Scholarships are awarded for the duration of a boy's time at the School, subject to conduct and good progress.

The examination for 2018 entry will take place on Saturday, 7 October 2017 from 9.30am to 3.00pm and consists of three papers: English, Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning. (Please contact Mrs Phillips if this date is not possible for any reason).