King Edward's School Home

An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

House system

In addition to a form, every boy is also allocated to a House soon after his arrival. The pupils meet by house group once each week and the house plays an important part in a boy's life, particularly in terms of activities. The House system enables a very large number of boys to participate in a very wide range of competitions. House competitions run throughout the year so a boy can represent his House in a wide range of sports including rugby, cricket, hockey, basketball, table tennis, squash, swimming, water polo and chess. There are also two different forms of music competition, one for the very best musicians, one, the House Shout, a mass-participation event in Big School. There is also a debating competition and House Challenge, a quiz. The Cock House Trophy, presented in final assembly, is most sought after!

Each house has a member of staff who is Head of House and the vast majority of staff are also House Tutors.

If there is any family connection with a House it is possible for a boy to be allocated to a particular House.