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There is a strange sense of excitement as you turn the corner in a cave and your torch beam illuminates the passage beyond: although you are aware that many people are likely to have crawled, stooped or strode this way before, the darkness and the pin-prick of the torch light conspire to give you the sensation that you are the first to explore here.

Boys are introduced to caving with a combined hill walking and caving weekend in year 7. Those keen for another go return in year 8 for a first try at an abseil underground and in year 9 the more technical 'single rope technique' is introduced. By year 10 boys learn how to tie the knots and set up the ropes for a vertical adventure underground.

Self-reliance, good judgment, team work, camaraderie and a willingness to cope with adversity are all part of the fun and adventure of caving.

Videos from some trips are here:

Introductory SRT March 2012 - Saturday (Bull Pot Kingsdale)

Introductory SRT March 2012 - Sunday (Sunset Pot)

Introductory SRT March 2012 - photos

Hill Walking and Caving March 2012 - the cave trip (Long Churn Caves)

Hill Walking and Caving March 2012 - the waterfalls walks

SRT Caving January 2012 - Saturday (Jingling Pot)

SRT Caving January 2012 - Sunday (County Pot / Wretched Rabbit)