King Edward's School Home

An independent day school for boys aged 11 to 18

Alpine trekking

Our vision for the trip is for the boys involved to fall in love with the Alps and with this rather basic but fulfilling way of experiencing them. There is something very wonderful about such low-tech walking where the scenery can be really admired and absorbed as we slowly take in the miles. And staying in alpine refuges is an experience in itself: hearty food; lots of happy walkers from a number of nations; cramped dormitories echoing with the sound of snoring (ear-plugs highly recommended!); washing in freezing cold glacier-fed pools of water...! What we are planning is a demanding walk that we hope will challenge and thrill the boys.

The walk, which is open to boys who will then be in years 10 and 11, will wend its way through stunning alpine scenery along the well-trodden paths of classic routes such as the Walker's Haute Route. The boys will be carrying their own kit but we shall travel as lightly as possible. There is no need to carry much food or bedding and so the overall weight should not be more than 10kg.